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Price list for men

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22 Jan

Offering services to our clients, we maintain a reasonable pricing policy. As well as constantly offer promotions for our services, which we publish on our website in the section of the action and on the page of our salon in Facebook.

Vīriešu matu griešana    5,70 - 13,00 EUR
 Bārda un ūsas     no      2,15 EUR
 Matu mazgašana               0,70 EUR
 Vīriešu manikīrs               7,50 EUR
 Vīriesu ekspresmanikīrs               5,00 EUR
 Nagu pulēšana    1,50 -  3,00 EUR
 Vīriešu pedikīrs  14,50 - 21,50 EUR
 Matu krāsošana  11,00 - 15,00 EUR
 Matu krāsošana ar šķipsnām  13,00  -  20,00EUR








And get more information about our services and sign up to the masters you can by phones specified in section Contacts.

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