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Аbout hairdressing art

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Beautiful hair, fine hair, correct color is to the success of each person in society. Exactly hairstyle together with external views create initial opinion about each person. That's why his hair to give enough attention.

Well-groomed, neat appearance has always been and will be in demand as the weak and the strong half of mankind. Hairstyles - unchangeable the major attribute of external beauty. In recent years, hairdressing services provided salons and studios shop, become very popular. After all, the art of bringing up and maintaining beauty has always been held in high esteem.


The founders of the development of hairdressing art are the ancient Egyptians. They dyed their hair with henna and обесцвечивали them, made them a Perm on the iron rod «kalamiss». Men of the upper classes shaved head bald, and women briefly стриглись. They did it for reasons of hygiene due to the hot climate. Therefore, Egypt and appeared famous wigs. The Egyptians were masterly masters in the art of being able to create hairstyles extraordinary beauty and grace. They dyed their hair and completely, and separate strands, wind and weaved, was used for the decoration of the silver and gold rings, tiaras, ribbons and flowers.

hairdressing artThe ancient Greeks brought hairstyles to a perfect simplicity - the rhythm of the waves, the elasticity of the beam on the nape, the sophistication of jewelry. Greek hairdressers hairstyles long hair was put into a cone-shaped beams, hair above his forehead had waves of small curls.

Ancient Rome showed the world splendor and insane luxury, letting his fantasies of the masters-hairdressers. The Romans began to apply the amendments of hair in the form of curls, hairpieces, etc.

The heyday of hairdresser's art reached by the end of the XVI - нач.XVII centuries. Characteristic for the era of artistic styles of the Baroque and Rococo reflected in the hairstyles that have become extraordinarily diverse and intricate. By the end of the XVIII century, a pursuit of splendor has reached that of the hair started to build ships, towers, fruit baskets. Strengthened such hairstyles for special wire frames. This required a very large mastery, therefore, have created the Academy of hairdressing art.

Genuine revolution, which marked a new era in the history of hairdresser's art, were two of the invention. In 1882 the Frenchman Marcel Гатлю invented Curling hot irons. And in 1904 the German Karl-Ludwig Несслером was invented perming, persisted in the hair for half a year and named «permanent»). But the full recognition of the permanent got only in the 20 - 30th years of XX century, when women were able to fully appreciate the convenience and practicality of this service.

In 60-th years of XX century again in Vogue wigs, and the hairstyles have become more monolithic, applying the fleece. In hairstyles, there was a tendency of volume, they lacked the small details.

In the 70s fashion wigs and high hairstyles passes, returned to the «small» hairstyles with geometric haircut. Start to wear hairstyles-haired, free-falling wave blond hair for a long time are in Vogue. At the same time and it became fashionable to natural «hair movement».

Development of scientific and technological progress has contributed to the fact that in the world of hairdressing art began to change, new opportunities in the modeling of hairstyles and hair care, improving preparations, hairdressers ' tools and equipment.


Hair incredibly impressive emphasize femininity and seductiveness. Alive and shining curls is an ideal to which seeks to every woman and men ideally performed haircut. Therefore, to obtain an effective result you should regularly seek professional care and generous use of all the hair-dresser's services.

Today, the term «hairdressing services» includes a large number of components. This hair styling, highlighting and coloring, drawing masks and healing balsam on the hair and scalp, sophisticated styling and creation of various evening hairstyles. And, of course, hairdressing services include professional advice concerning the care of the scalp and hair.

Hairdressing is, first of all, the diversity of species haircuts - for women, men and children. Take advantage of the hairdressing services is a means to change their appearance, improve mood and even change something in my life. The client looks at the result of cutting from two perspectives: the first is to me goes, the second - easy to fit. Master professional is always pre-discuss with the client the residual result, the final length, detail will tell you how to lay a new hairstyle.

MEN'S HAIRCUTwomen's haircutMEN'S HAIRCUT. To cut a man would not be easier and harder than mow the woman. Male haircut technologically more complicated. Only a professional can make a short male hair cut so that it was beautiful and «hair lying to hair»that emphasized the individuality and become men.

Also now popular with the strong half of mankind enjoys decoration beard and moustache. This is in addition to cutting and image in General. Using the correct outline, you can adjust the shape of the face, nose and lips. A beautifully decorated three-day stubble highlight and change the style.

FEMALE HAIRCUTS. The skill of the women's haircut is devoted to many magazines on modern hairdressing, but to help unlock Your special beauty, to emphasize the dignity of a person and hide defects, choose the right hair cut and color of hair is not an easy task. But this challenge can be overcome. After all, the beautiful well-groomed hair is half of Your success. Healthy hair are noble color, and the health of the hair after colouring depends on professional skills of the master. Our masters of salon “IRENA” will do everything for Your beauty, to emphasize individuality, find your way and look luxurious.

haircut for a boyhair cut for girl

HAIRCUTS FOR BOYS. Upbringing of a real man begins in childhood. Bring your sons! Little men - boys - our favorite guests. Make a fashionable haircut, beautifully put hair in salon “IRENA”.

HAIRCUTS FOR GIRLS. And hairstyles for young lady is a special kind of professionalism. Many moms much worry about that little girl wants to cut the braids. But children grow up. And they want to diversity. And psychologically it is very important for both the child and parents, to the first haircut was performed successfully and cute. But why only the first haircut? Our masters are very attentive to the young ladies, we are waiting for you in our showroom young ladies again, and again.

 laminationevening hairdress

Evening hairstyles. Every girl or woman regardless of her age wants to be beautiful and charming, and moreover, at the festive ceremony, Banquet, etc, which is certainly the etiquette required to wear evening dress. Choosing an outfit for the holiday, the woman begins to look for a wizard, which would make an evening hair. Visit us! Our hairdressers salon IRENA will always listen to Your wishes, advice and to select the most suitable evening hairdo to the concrete image.

HAIR STYLING. Any grooming needs giving her the necessary forms - hair dressing. Hair styling is a service, which is resorted to almost every woman. In our salon offers hair styling of any complexity: everyday, festive evening and wedding. Hair styling includes not only fixation and shaping the hair, but also the procedures for hair care and hair roots.
Hair styling using the most efficient and persistent means of fixation: varnishes, foams, mousses, clips, lotions, gels, and waxes. Styled hair is always nice and impressive. Make hair styling at home, you can, but will not look professional. But the hairdresser will make You a laying so that You will be irresistible. Hair styling - the best way to emphasize the shape of the face and your personality or even modify it, to Express the mood and accents. Attractive hair indicates about Your style and ability to feel the modern trends in fashion.

The separate attention is deserved hairdressing HAIR COLORING. Self-staining may lead to unexpected results, up to greenish shade of hair. Coloring, streaking, toning, hair toning after highlighting, coloring gray hair, lighting - all these types of painting require special training and knowledge possessed by our masters of salon “IRENA”. At the request of customers for painting can use natural dyes: henna and Basma.

Women who wish to create your head light curls or provocative curls needs a Barber service, like a PERM. Owners of негустых hair wizard may take root or volume Perm.

laminirovanieGreat innovative Barber service - LAMINATION. During the lamination each hair is covered with a special film, enveloping and sealing it, thus protecting it from external influences. In the film contains nutrients that nourish the hair. In addition lamination gives the hair a lasting volume in any weather and healthy Shine.

Well-groomed and beautiful hair has always been a natural decoration of any woman and any man. Correctly matching the color, cut and styling, the wizard can create a perfect image, which will be beneficial to emphasize the features of the face and hide the shortcomings. Can be a long time to seek his master (how to choose a hairdresser), by addressing various hairdressers, and every time away from them with a sense of light disappointment. Salon „IRENA” , providing hairdressing services, offers You a solution to this problem. Professionalism and attentiveness of our masters, a friendly atmosphere and a manifestation of interest to the clients ' wishes will make Your visit to the hairdresser in a real pleasure. After your first visit You will become our regular customer. Our team ensures that You get out of the cabin, completely satisfied with the result!

Offering services to its customers, we reserve the reasonable pricing. And constantly offer shares for our services, which we publish on our website in the section of the Promotion and on the page of our salon in Facebook.  In detail to familiarize with the prices You can see the price-list.

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