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Evening hairstyles

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«Hairstyle affects how the sum day, and in the end all of life.»
Sophia Loren.

Women's hairstyle is one way to Express the individual features of its owner, its style, character and mood. Accordingly festive hairdo is called to create the right mood and emphasize the special attitude to the event. Beautiful evening hairdo helps to complete or complement the festive image for any occasion: birthday or anniversary, graduation or new year's ball, wedding. Because she always tries to be irresistible and to attract to himself admiring glances.

Modern women keep track of fashion trends and choose stylish and modern hairstyles. Of course, it is important to remain aware of the fashionable novelties, but only experienced master will be able to suggest and pick up the evening hairstyle that will be both fashionable and harmoniously combined with the appearance.

Every girl or woman regardless of her age wants to be beautiful and charming, and moreover, at the festive ceremony, Banquet, etc, which is certainly the etiquette required to wear evening dress. Choosing an outfit for the holiday, the woman begins to look for a wizard, which would make an evening hair. Visit us! Our hairdressers salon IRENA will always listen to Your wishes, advice and to select the most suitable evening hairdo to the concrete image.

Depending on the character of forthcoming events of the evening hairstyles have their own characteristics and different from the usual laying difficulty in performance, creativity, fantasy hairdresser:

Evening hairstyle for school prom should not be very solid and strong. Main task is to emphasize the young age of the graduate romance, elegance. You also need to consider the duration of the event, hairstyle that should continue throughout the evening. Evening hairstyle for prom should be well thought out, ideally combined with makeup, jewelry and dress.
An evening hairdo on New year should be different glitter and pomp, brightness, riot fantasies.
 An evening hairdo for official receptions and business meetings must have a neat and concise form, it should be simple and elegant, natural.
An evening hairdo for home activities should be moderate complexity.

The choice of evening hairstyles depends on many things: the nature of the celebration, the focus of the style of the event, from evening attire, from the features of a woman's face, and the length and thickness of hair.


When creating evening hairstyles for short hair have to start from the peculiarities of grooming. To give a haircut to a certain character, used various laying cement hairstyles. For evening options for laying to take note of a current trend asymmetry, «wet» effect or remove all the hair back, fixing the styling means. For short hair, you can use Curling irons, twist the strands in different directions to create a stylish casual, slightly tousled hair. Evening hairstyles for short hair can decorate elements such as hairpins, hoops, scallops, ribbons, flowers, etc. Thus, even short cut can be turned into an elegant holiday hairstyle.


The average length hair about shoulder line or slightly below is the most common among women. Hair medium length fairly easy to care for and don't need too often cut them easier to put in everyday styling or make an evening hair. Is a versatile option for the modern rhythm of life. Now in trend as curvy and smoothly combed hair.

The easiest option is simply slightly curled, beautifully laid loose hair. To create a more romantic image can be stronger pull hair, create a seductive hair and make hair additional volume. For medium length hair, you can also make asymmetrical hairstyle, taking one side, and the other a little beat up, this will give a bit of charm and sexuality. Will look good twisted «wet» effect hair using special foams and foam by using a diffuser. Curly strands is the basis for many evening hairstyles.

The opposite option is smooth evening hairstyles. They are suitable for more formal events, can be made on the basis of the tailings. If you pull on the back tail and lock lock own hair or a pigtail, it will look like an original and elegant.

Hair raised up and fixed by pins or pins is a high festive hairdo that emphasizes the neck line, give the image of elegance and style. Here everything depends on the client and on the imagination of the hairdresser.

Very relevant in this year evening hairstyles on the basis of randomly laid strands, the so-called artistic mess. This can be a simple beam, and chaotically located curly strands twisted or bent to one side, fixed by pins or pins, and any other options, do not have a clear lines.

Also now fashionable different braids. Evening hairstyles using KOs is a universal and win-win option for any kind of celebrations and events.

For fixing and decoration evening hairstyles use a lot of different accessories, especially festive look elements with rhinestones.


Trends in hairdressing the world may change every year, but the long hair never go out of fashion. Evening hairstyles for long hair often are real works of art. During their creation wizard try to show their skills. Of course, the laying of long hair requires more time, but options festive hairdo.

In the ranking of trendy hairstyles for long hair remain wavy curls. It is romantic and effectively when flowing hair stacked beautiful large curls or small curls. Using different volume curls, you can create new images. By the way, curls and начесать to create an individual style.

Still valid, simple, smooth hair. As in fashion a naturalness, you can choose light carelessness and растрепанность, slightly beating hands the entire length of hair, previously causing styling.

Elegant hairstyle with fleece for long hair is smooth and wavy hair with fleece neck or on the sides, or is a lion's mane, as in the 60s. This hairstyle is back in fashion.

Simple, but always trendy hair-beam also now at the peak of popularity. The main thing here - a creative chaos, where there is no place приглаженности, and Vice versa, accidentally выбившиеся of curls hairstyles.

An evening hairdo with tail is good that highlights and opens face. Tail hairstyle can formalize the original, dragging the rubber bands in different places throughout the length and decorate. Define hair volume at the crown and taking the remaining hair in the tail will be a great hairstyle for an evening out.

KOs is one of the most popular hairstyles now. In fashion as tightly braided plaits and with easy negligent weaving. Due to different techniques of weaving, you can create a truly unusual and stylish hairstyles that will attract the attention of others.

Gracefulness and elegance are always of high evening hairstyles. These include the traditional shell and the bunch, and complex hairpieces, and Babette etc. updo is desirable to do so, for special occasions and business receptions.

When creating haircuts hairdressers salon IRENA use only professional laying tools firms WELLA, LONDA, CUTRIN.

Each hairstyle is unique and inimitable. Dear our clients, do not forget that complex evening hairstyles require prior consultation with the hairdresser. Therefore, professional Barber and his ability to see the future results of its work are crucial. Evening hairstyle should not be overloaded with details (pigtails, beads, flowers, etc), it should blend in with all manner as a whole: dress, decorations, make-up. Although, of which way You choose, the most important thing that You were pleased with the outcome. Any woman look as good as she sees and feels.

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