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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 13:13

Hair styling

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Beautiful styling is an integral part of attractive appearance, because the majority of women and girls to create spends a lot of time.

Today, every beauty shop, including beauty IRENA in Riga, provides this service, so the spectacular hair styling, you can spend much less time, than at home. Of course, you can do laying in the home, but not every girl has the necessary skills that will create the desired hairstyle.

What is the difference in hair styling in the cabin of styling at home?

Hair styling Mowing is the first step to attractive hairstyle, which will complement coined image. To hair lay in the way You intended them to lay. The more complex the haircut, the original form of hairstyles, which reveals its essence. Without laying haircut in most cases, completely bashed and it's not what You thought. So many hairstyles for short and long hair needs to put. As a rule, after cutting the master always offers You to make a laying, to see the true shape of Your hair. You should not think that this process will take many hours wizard for half an hour can work wonders when using a hair dryer, combs, styling products and droplets of fantasy. Laying can last up to 3-4 days or a week. She will delight You by its form, which will show off the beauty and at work, on a date and at a festive dinner.

If in everyday life styling may not be considered as something necessary but if You are preparing for a solemn event or must now look brilliantly, without laying simply not enough. What to choose:evening your hair? Here much depends on Your dress and appearance. If this ball, You put on an evening dress, then in this case it is better to make an evening hairdo. And if You go to the official gala reception in a business suit or a simple dress, here is already addressed the solemn laying.

The solemn laying will take much less time than evening hairdo, but will be well recorded various стайлинговыми means, and You don't have to worry about their hair at the ceremony.

Feature of hair styling is that of a wizard, applying its experience, skill and imagination, will find the best option for a combination of Your hair, the form, the colour of the face and clothes. Also a big advantage is the use of professional cosmetics and professional tools. The use of modern styling tools, will guarantee a perfect result, lingering for a long time. When you run a hair style hairdressers salon IRENA use only professional cosmetics for hair firms WELLA, LONDA, CUTRIN.

Come to our salon, You can get quality service as hair styling, both separately and in addition to cutting, various окрашиваниям, Hair stylingchemical perms and laminating hair.

So, to sum up. What is so attractive styling salon? First, it is creating a unique image for half an hour. That is, You go to an important event, and you have plenty of time to enter a salon hair styling and make - is the optimal solution. Secondly, it is the ability to hide the flaws of their professional hair styling. Brittle, dry, naughty stuff, increased oiliness of hair is rather unpleasant moments that could spoil the appearance of any lady. To competently hide the flaws and not accentuate them, need to use special professional remedies and methods for hair styling.

All the advantages of hair styling it is difficult to enumerate, but the main thing is that it is laying make the image complete. Thanks to a beautifully laid hair can look irresistible, especially in the eyes of the opposite sex!

Offering services to its customers, we reserve the reasonable pricing. And constantly offer shares for our services, which we publish on our website in the section of the Promotion and on the page of our salon in Facebook. In detail to familiarize with the prices You can see the price-list.

And get more information about our services and to sign up to the necessary masters You can phone in Riga in the Contacts section.

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