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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 07:13

How to choose a hairdresser

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Modern hairstyles are extremely diverse and colourful, huge selection of options and images. When choosing a hairstyle need to rely on individuality, considering not only the fashion trends, but the scope of activities, style of clothes, and the shape of the face. You can always find the money to emphasize the individuality of the person. And modern hairdresser, using forms and motives of existing trendy hairstyles, will find details and the contours that make hairstyle is particularly suitable to Your face and image in General.

As the joke of some Parisians: «Sometimes to find a good hairdresser is much more complicated than a good marriage». Because it should be, on the one hand, an artist, creating something splendor on Your head and on the other hand, to be a healer, caring about the condition of Your hair. Well, and, of course, be a real professional in his field.

If You are only looking for «his master», then the first thing You should pay attention to its appearance. The Barber must be beautiful hair cut, well groomed and styled hair. The real master has his own style, style and flair.

Each client has its own unique personality, but the task of a Barber - make You even more attractive. Before you begin a professional hairdresser must listen to Your needs, and then to suggest, taking into account Your interests. If You go to the salon for the first acquaintance, hairstyle selection procedure will take more time, as the master must carefully evaluate the type and quality of the hair, the shape of the face and figure. He must ask, what do You do, what your occupation. Assessing his client in the aggregate, a specialist will combine Your wishes with his chosen option for You hair. In the process of cutting, styling or colouring hair hairdresser should tell or show, as You at home to care for their hair, easier to style, what materials to use. This he gives You confidence that You will look good not only today and tomorrow, but also to the next visiting the Barber shop.

Don't forget to visit his master at least once in two months, and men - once a month. Only then Your head will always neatly groomed and elegant look.

If you are lucky and You find a hairdresser your dreams, love him, take care and cherish. After all, it will depend on Your appearance. Never scold him, from small errors are not perfect. And hope that next time it will happen a miracle. That is why for our salon plays a key role mutual understanding between the client and a hairdresser. Masters of salon “IRENA” always ready to listen to wishes of the client, offer something new with Your participation to create a new image, to achieve excellent results.

Offering services to its customers, we reserve the reasonable pricing. And constantly offer shares for our services, which we publish on our website in the section of the Promotion  and on the page of our salon in Facebook. In detail to familiarize with the prices You can see the price-list.

And get more information about our services and to sign up to the necessary masters You can by phones specified in section Contacts.