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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 19:13

All about manicure

Man has always sought to decorate themselves, become more attractive to others and stand out from diverse crowd. One way to do this and a manicure.

For ages attention was paid to the beauty of nails, although manicure in those days was different than it is now. The oldest found manicure set of cast gold actually dates back to 3200 BC, he was found in the South of the ruins of Babylon.

Colors of nail was used for hierarchical allocation. For example, pharaohs with the nobility отращивали long fingernails then painted in bright colors, red and terracotta shades. Slaves also painted nails, but only bright colors, and the nails were supposed to be short cut. In Ancient China paint for nail prepared from a mixture of wax, gelatin and egg with гуммиарабиками. And the famous Cleopatra their nails painted with henna. By the way, she was the first reference book on care of a body and painting of nails. And the masters of Ancient Greece never covered the hole near the nail.

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