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Thursday, 23 January 2014 15:32

French manicure


Neat and well-groomed hands are an important part of the external image, which often pay attention to the surrounding. Many women have no opportunity and time to regularly attend manicure, to nails and hands always look their best. And not all have the patience many times a week do a manicure yourself. Can help out French manicure - versatile, light and quick view of manicure on all occasions. In addition, thanks to French manicure nails look very natural.

French manicure is a type of manicure, who came from the world of high fashion. Invented by a French manicure was in America in 1976, the developer company “ORLY” Дж.Пинком, and is so named to be more attractive brand. The history of its creation is associated with the necessity of movie Actresses have suitable manicure under any stage costumes of different epochs. Then French manicure and proved to be so universal type of manicure.

Currently there are several types of French manicure, that make it unique and always in demand. Effect French manicure is determined by the particular colouring technology.

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