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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 11:32

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In our salon “IRENA” uses production “Refecto Cil” most perfect system of professional dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes.
“Gschwentner Haarkosmetik” - the Austrian cosmetic company, founded in 1930 in Vienna. Trade mark “Refecto Cil” - a leading global brand “Gschwentner Haarkosmetik”. The products of the brand „Refecto Cil” presents more than 50 countries and has long established its excellent quality of millions of consumers. Products are developed in the laboratories of the company Gschwentner Haarkosmetik” and manufactured at our own production, corresponding to the highest quality standards. Products are made from high quality raw materials using the latest scientific achievements and innovative developments.
Paint “Refecto Cil” for colouring of eyebrows and eyelashes have 9 colors: black, blue-black, graphite, natural brown, light brown, chestnut, red, brightening pasta (up to 3 colors) for the eyebrows.

The main advantages of the paints Refecto Cil” :

  • Paint hypoallergenic;
  • Does not damage the hair structure;
  • Color fastness to 6 weeks;
  • Wide color gamut;
  • Economy of use of the tube;
  • The opportunity to clarify eyebrows on 3 levels with whitening toothpaste;
  • 100% filling grey hairs;
  • Paint can be used for male clients as for colouring of eyebrows and eyelashes, and a mustache, beard and sideburns.

Products for colouring of eyebrows and eyelashes “Refecto Cil includes the following drugs:

  • paint nine shades;
  • 3% oxidant liquid;
  • 3% creamy oxidant;
  • universal makeup remover and degreasing;
  • tool to remove excess paint from skin;
  • protective cream with vitamin E and D-panthenol;
  • nourishing balm for eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • applicators for mixing and applying the paint;
  • protective paper disks;

The detailed information You can get on site of the manufacturer

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:13


Women's eyes, eyelashes and shape of the eyebrows are praised poets. And not accidentally, this is an important weapon captivate a strong floor. Therefore, talk about what kind of care you want lashes and brows, will not be superfluous.

Eyelashes and eyebrows perform an important function: they protect your eyes from the ingress of foreign particles. Part of hair, freely located under the skin, called pivot and part hidden in a thicker skin - root. The root ends with an extension - hair bulb. The bulb is the growth of the hair. Rod hair consists of three layers: the core of hair is called brain substance, it does contain dead cells. The medullar substance at the ends of the hair, eyelashes and eyebrows missing. The main mass is корковое substance: stretched and tight to each other cells containing pigment dye. Pigment may be red, yellow, and black, and the combination of colors gives individual color eyelashes and eyebrows. Hair growth цикличен and is not the same. For example, life expectancy ciliary body hair from 150 to 200 days, then it falls, and grows a new one. No matter how rare and thin seemed eyelashes and eyebrows, their number is very big. Eyelashes grow on the upper eyelid 3-4 rows, their number from 150 to 200. On the lower eyelid - in 1-2 series, here their number from 75 to 100, and in the eyebrows is to 600 hairs.

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