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Q3 THERAPY and Q3 BLOND screening treatment kits for damaged hair are an innovative procedure for hair treatment, building a protective screen on the hair that provides:

  1. Moisturizing and strengthening of the damaged hair structure from the inside;
  2. Restoration of the natural pH level;
  3. Shine, UV-ray and thermal exposure protection;
  4. Neutralization of the unwanted yellowishness.

Q3 THERAPY screening treatment kit for damaged hair consists of:

  1. Q3 INTENSE Two-phase conditioner for strongly damaged hair;
  2. Q3 THERAPY Oil for damaged hair;
  3. Q3 LUXURY Gloss oil for all hair types.

Q3 BLOND screening treatment kit for blond hair consists of:

  1. Q3 BLOND Two-phase conditioner for blond hair;
  2. Q3 BLOND Oil for blond hair;
  3. Q3 LUXURY Gloss oil for all hair types.

The Q3 THERAPY and Q3 BLOND screening treatment kits are for professional use only.


Q3 THERAPY screening and Q3 BLOND screening  are recommended for treatment of the following hair types:

  • Frequently colored hair (Q3 THERAPY);
  • Lightened, bleached and streaked hair (Q3 BLOND);
  • Hair damaged due to thermal exposure (hair dryer, hair iron, electrical crimpers);
  • Dry, dull, brittle hair with split ends;
  • After hair perming or straightening;
  • Weak hair lacking shine and vitality.


Q3 THERAPY screening can be applied:

  • Immediately  after dying;
  • During between-dying intervals (Q3 THERAPY);
  • On natural  or slightly damaged hair to boost its shine and vitality (Q3 THERAPY);
  • On previously bleached/streaked hair (Q3 BLOND);
  • On natural light-colored hair to boost its shine and vitality (Q3 BLOND).

Q3 THERAPY three-stage screening procedure with styling takes about 30-40 minutes.

The screening procedure has a cumulative effect. After the first procedure a visible result can be observed and formation of the protective screen begins. After the third procedure medium-degree protection is built; after the fifth procedure a high level of protection is achieved.


The procedure is based on unique properties of Argan Oil, which is one of the most expensive and precious oils in the world, produced in Morocco exclusively from Argan tree fruit. The composition of Argan Oil is identical to that of sebum, which is secreted by humans sebaceous glands and serves as natural hair protection, nourishing and strengthening its structure. When combined with the other unique Macadamia and Grape Seed Oils or Macadamia and Camellia Oils, Argan Oil provides a deeper nourishment, recovery and protection; it also enhances the reflective ability of the hair, and fills it with vitality and energy.

STAGE 1: Moisturizing and smoothing the hair structure. Apply Q3 THERAPY or Q3 BLOND Two-phase conditioner onto the wet, freshly washed hair. The first phase of the conditioner provides intensive hair moisturizing and disentanglement. The second phase restores the hair’s natural pH level, smoothes its structure and flattens the cuticle. Purple pigments included in conditioner delicately neutralize the unwanted    yellowishness (Q3 BLOND).

STAGE 2: Restoration and strengthening the damaged hair structure. Apply Q3 THERAPY Oil or Q3 BLOND Oil onto the hair. Adjust the amount of oil depending on the structure and condition of the hair:

  1. Thin and lightly damaged hair requires a minimum amount of Q3 THERAPY oil, strongly damaged and porous hair requires more oil. Pay special attention to the ends of the hair. Grape Seed and Argan Oils deeply penetrate the cortex layer, provide intensive nutrition, increase density and repair damaged hair structure.
  2. Thin hair requires a minimum amount of Q3 BLOND Oil, strongly damaged bleached and porous hair requires more oil. Pay special attention to the ends of the hair. Argan and Camellia Oils deeply penetrate the cortex layer, provide intensive nutrition, increase density and repair damaged hair structure. Purple pigments included in the Oil composition delicately neutralize the unwanted yellowishness.


STAGE 3: Protection of the hair’s outer layer and provision of luxurious shine. Q3 LUXURY Gloss oil. The unique formula of the Gloss Oil seals in the protective screen on the surface of the hair, gives it a superb shine and enhances the color and shine of colored hair. Additionally, it provides protection against thermal exposure and UV-rays.

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 Classic manicure is a time - tested method of care for the beauty of your hands and nails and the most common.

Techniques of this type of manicure and their relationship had evolved over many years and brought to perfection, so modern masters offers a classical method, ensuring high productivity.

Without manicure not think its existence, the majority of women. This is not surprising because the beauty and health of your hands and nails can only provide this procedure, conduct which should be regularly. If the hands were run classic manicure is the only kind of manicure, acceptable method, which You bring your hands in order.

Fashion nails - the best hobby a real woman.

Many salons offer a fairly specific service called EXPRESS-MANICURE. What is hidden under this name and whether you can trust this procedure? The answers to these questions are not so unambiguous. Try to understand-and find a solution.

For starters, what is hiding under the term of the EXPRESS-MANICURE. This procedure takes a little time, which includes cuticle treatment, form alignment of the nail plate, massage of hands and, on request, lacquered.


Neat and well-groomed hands are an important part of the external image, which often pay attention to the surrounding. Many women have no opportunity and time to regularly attend manicure, to nails and hands always look their best. And not all have the patience many times a week do a manicure yourself. Can help out French manicure - versatile, light and quick view of manicure on all occasions. In addition, thanks to French manicure nails look very natural.

French manicure is a type of manicure, who came from the world of high fashion. Invented by a French manicure was in America in 1976, the developer company “ORLY” Дж.Пинком, and is so named to be more attractive brand. The history of its creation is associated with the necessity of movie Actresses have suitable manicure under any stage costumes of different epochs. Then French manicure and proved to be so universal type of manicure.

Currently there are several types of French manicure, that make it unique and always in demand. Effect French manicure is determined by the particular colouring technology.

Every girl and woman wants to be unique and unique. That is why women are constantly looking for those substances and objects that can emphasize your individuality: a suitable hairstyle, cosmetics and make-up, the fine clothes, and original accessories. And even when You think that appearance corresponds to the inner world, feeling thirsty constant changes You can not leave. Seems You have found your perfect image, attention to detail, and deviate from it like... But always be the same somehow boring, even perfect.

NAIL DESIGN is a great chance to make a slight change in appearance, not to spoil the overall image. He will Express Your individual qualities, but also enhance the mood. Using nail design You will be able to make their image notes of romantic, severity, joy or darkness is all at the request of the soul.

Get   “Shellacked!”

Better science makes better products. The patent-pending formulation of solvents, monomers and polymers  is why Shellac goes on like polish, wears like gel and removes in minutes. Plus it’s hypo-allergenic and 3-FREE…containing no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.


Manicure has long ceased to be exclusively women's work. Men finally realized that taking care of yourself there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Down with prejudices! In the whole civilized world men have long since begun to trust their appearance professionals. Don't look like the freak, or a representative of a non-traditional orientation. Perfect modern man not only quickly thinks and acts decisively, he looks flawless. Especially, if it is such an important day as a wedding. Manicure before the wedding will be the key to beautiful hands and photos of a wedding ring. That did not work contrast between the fingers of the bride and unkempt hands of the groom, the groom take a manicure.

Manicure became commonplace, fitness. In the end, if you desire to maintain your body in shape doesn't cause anybody complaints, what issues may be taking care of your hands? Moreover, manicure often helps to gently emphasize their social level. The groom with their nails are easier to achieve the desired presentability. Well-groomed man's hands will give guests understand that their owner is a successful man who knows her worth.

Strong floor should learn that manicure is not just trimming the nails. From a professional point of view of specialists in manicure, it is the whole complex of procedures. It involves the removal of cuticle, mitigation of rough skin, cleansing and treatment of nails, their alignment and grinding. At home do it yourself quite difficult, uncomfortable and often lazily.

Manicure differ from those of women by the fact that the skin on the hands of the strong half of humanity is much harder than women, so you have more time to devote to preliminary soaking in the tub. As the process of becoming rough and keratinization of the skin of the hands of men is faster, the probability of the appearance of burrs and cracks around the nail fold. That's why cutoff manicure is not so deep, unlike women's manicure. Professional manicure know the rule that manicure does not require the selection of the form of nails, the experimentation of the nail plate is that the form is created strictly according to the structure of pillows of fingers. A departure from this rule threatens to that man's hand will look strange and absurd. Men's nails strong, almost not stratified, but men are very sensitive to the small market in the field of nail bed, so cut cuticles you have to be extremely careful.

Mens manicureGiving male hands gloss is not the only task of manicure. Nail care is health care: reduced risk of fungal diseases. Moreover, even elementary hand massage promotes active circulation of the blood, and this is the best way to affect the appearance and health.

Do not be limited to a single visit to the salon. Take care of your hands regularly, like shaving or brushing your teeth. In other words, the appearance care must become a habit. Another nice aspect: you can go for a manicure together with a lover and not to be separated even for a minute!

Remember, even the Pushkin emphasized that «one can be nice man, and think about the shape of nails». In the modern world aesthetic appearance - the lot of sugary ingredient boys and men, investing in health and beauty.

Offering services to its customers, we reserve the reasonable pricing. And constantly offer shares for our services, which we publish on our website in the section of the Promotion and on the page of our salon in Facebook. In detail to familiarize with the prices You can see the price-list.

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CLASSIC PEDICURE was at the origin of this procedure, as it began to develop professional care for your feet. The classic method provides the trim method of treatment of nails and skin on the feet, as most work is done with the help of cutting tools. Modern pedicure is a professional therapeutic procedure, ensuring the beauty and health of Your feet.

Because the legs have greater load than the hands, then they require much more attention, especially long time they are in the shoes. Given the trends of fashion to open shoes in summer, don't show others the raw nails, rough, and sometimes and chapped skin heels. Now it is understood by men, poised this procedure in your schedule to systematically care of itself.

Female legs with unkempt nails and heels - it's bad. Procedure pedicure , or ennobling toenails, has long become one of the most essential for modern women. In the warmer months legs require complex care. And pedicure is not only the fulfillment of design on the nails for toes, but also the whole complex of procedures, which include cleaning stop removing corns, dead epidermis layer, foot massage. Pedicure conducted regularly, not only prevents the emergence of new problems with nails and skin of the feet, but also allows to get rid of the existing.

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