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Say goodbye to the damaged pedicure!

All products from CND, created on the basis of scientific technology, is the first in the list of favorites from the masters of manicure and pedicure all over the world. Also new product hybrid lacquer SHELLAC joined the list of favorites. SHELLAC is the first varnish-hybrid in the nail industry, the quality of which is confirmed in scientific, and in the result of the test.

Whether You prefer to walk barefoot on the warm sandy beach or wear in the summertime open shoes, it is very important to worry about beauty and health of Your feet. Nails and skin on the feet deserve special attention, because it is on its feet under the most serious daily load, which leaves them unpleasant and visual impacts. Problems with feet can cause serious pain.

Success can be achieved by a man who goes through life with ease and confidence. But how can you go through life with a proudly raised head, if every step you get a piercing pain shot for ingrown nail or old corn? And now the thoughts don't how how to crank out a transaction or to get acquainted with going to meet a girl, and how to get home faster and freeing tired feet from the hated shoes and socks, with relief throw them on the back of the couch... sound Familiar? This means that You do not use such procedures as male pedicure. But sorry! Because in any salon You say that 25 to 30 percent of the clients are men regularly make them professional pedicure. Until now, many men believe that a pedicure or manicure is a prerogative of women, and is nothing like a nicely trimmed and painted nails.

Lamination - popular today service that provides our beauty salons "IRENA" in Riga. Surely you have noticed that the stars of television, girls, advertising hair products have elegant, healthy, manageable hair. In most cases it is not the natural beauty hair actresses, this is the results of lamination.

iNeo-Crystal lamination is an advanced innovative SPA procedure for hair repair and care treatment building a special natural membrane on hair surface. After this procedure the hair will acquire visible volume, silkiness, elasticity and glamorous shine.
This lamination kit is for professional use only.

Beautiful styling is an integral part of attractive appearance, because the majority of women and girls to create spends a lot of time.

Today, every beauty shop, including beauty IRENA in Riga, provides this service, so the spectacular hair styling, you can spend much less time, than at home. Of course, you can do laying in the home, but not every girl has the necessary skills that will create the desired hairstyle.

«Hairstyle affects how the sum day, and in the end all of life.»
Sophia Loren.

Women's hairstyle is one way to Express the individual features of its owner, its style, character and mood. Accordingly festive hairdo is called to create the right mood and emphasize the special attitude to the event. Beautiful evening hairdo helps to complete or complement the festive image for any occasion: birthday or anniversary, graduation or new year's ball, wedding. Because she always tries to be irresistible and to attract to himself admiring glances.

Modern hairstyles are extremely diverse and colourful, huge selection of options and images. When choosing a hairstyle need to rely on individuality, considering not only the fashion trends, but the scope of activities, style of clothes, and the shape of the face. You can always find the money to emphasize the individuality of the person. And modern hairdresser, using forms and motives of existing trendy hairstyles, will find details and the contours that make hairstyle is particularly suitable to Your face and image in General.

Man has always sought to decorate themselves, become more attractive to others and stand out from diverse crowd. One way to do this and a manicure.

For ages attention was paid to the beauty of nails, although manicure in those days was different than it is now. The oldest found manicure set of cast gold actually dates back to 3200 BC, he was found in the South of the ruins of Babylon.

Colors of nail was used for hierarchical allocation. For example, pharaohs with the nobility отращивали long fingernails then painted in bright colors, red and terracotta shades. Slaves also painted nails, but only bright colors, and the nails were supposed to be short cut. In Ancient China paint for nail prepared from a mixture of wax, gelatin and egg with гуммиарабиками. And the famous Cleopatra their nails painted with henna. By the way, she was the first reference book on care of a body and painting of nails. And the masters of Ancient Greece never covered the hole near the nail.

In the hot summer, most women prefer to wear open shoes. Flip flops, elegant sandals, sandals allow not only to enjoy the coolness in the hot weather, but also to show his neat, well-groomed feet. However, not every woman has a healthy and beautiful nails and feet, so many people feel shy to wear open shoes and hide from the prying eyes of his feet. To cope with this trouble, find healthy feet and nails, and also to give them an attractive appearance, a pedicure.

One of the most common methods of controlling undesirable vegetation on the body is waxing. Waxing for many centuries, this method was known Nefertiti, therefore, the effectiveness of this procedure is not necessary to doubt. Of course, during its long history, waxing changed. Ваксингом called depilation wax.

What is it? Waxing waxing - a kind of epilation, which creamy wax with the help shpatelja or roller applied on cultivated areas of the body and after hardening is removed by special paper strips. The length of the hairs should reach at least 5 mm, otherwise the desired effect will not be. In the structure of wax include extracts of medicinal herbs and oils that can relieve the irritation and prevent ingrown hairs in the skin.

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