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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:32

Classic Manicure

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 Classic manicure is a time - tested method of care for the beauty of your hands and nails and the most common.

Techniques of this type of manicure and their relationship had evolved over many years and brought to perfection, so modern masters offers a classical method, ensuring high productivity.

Without manicure not think its existence, the majority of women. This is not surprising because the beauty and health of your hands and nails can only provide this procedure, conduct which should be regularly. If the hands were run classic manicure is the only kind of manicure, acceptable method, which You bring your hands in order.

Classic cut manicure includes:Classic manicure

  1. INSPECTION of NAILS AND HANDS of a master, who will determine whether they are healthy. Great attention is paid to the presence or absence of skin diseases and injuries.
  2. NAIL VARNISH REMOVAL using vitaminized liquid without acetone. All modern means, as a rule, contain vitamins, oil and perfume composition. Such fluids are ideal for fragile and over-dried nails, as well as for artificial nails.
  3. SHAPING THE NAILS. Nail form is selected in accordance with the form and length of fingers, taste and appearance. To shorten the use nail clippers, and to shape - special nail files. Rasp only need to dry nails, wet nails are the most vulnerable and can start to delaminate.
  4.  DRAWING ON the CUTICLES NUTRITIOUS OIL, which gently rubbed into the cuticle and the skin around the nail.
  5.  SOAKING is made in warm water with special solution ( liquid soap, sea salt, аромамасло ), which should soften the cuticles, prepare it for removal.
  6.  APPLICATION of SPECIAL РАЗМЯГЧИТЕЛЯ ON the CUTICLE after soaking . Push back the cuticles special spatula or orange stick, starting with the little finger of the left hand, right hand over the working and, therefore, harder, so manicure start with the left hand.
  7.  CUTICLE AND BURRS. This requires nail clippers. Circumcision cuticle is important that the cut had a smooth line, and not torn. You cannot cut cuticles deeply, even if the nail is heavily overgrown. When cutting burrs tweezers to adhere to the skin not parallel, but almost perpendicularly. Minor cuts and wounds must treat disinfectant.
  8. Next is a light MASSAGE of HANDS with a special cream.
  9. NAIL POLISH. Apply varnish-base (base coat), then two layers of colour varnish and latch or a fixer varnish (top coat). 

Unfortunately, classic manicure has drawbacks:

  • When conducting a great chance of injury to the cuticle and, therefore, the entry of any infection.
  • The probability of rapid education burrs after the procedure due to the lack of experience of the master.

But also important are the advantages of classic manicure, which are:

  • Versatility is suitable for both women and men.
  • The only possibility to handle the running of the hands and nails.
  • A hygienic procedure, favorably affects on health of the hands.
  • Does not take much time.

Classic manicure masazClassic ( cut ) manicure very useful as a «first aid» for Your favorite ноготочков in any condition. But if You ever care for, to love and carefully watch the condition of your nails, it is Better to You then to try a softer kinds of manicure.

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