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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 19:32

Express manicure

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Fashion nails - the best hobby a real woman.

Many salons offer a fairly specific service called EXPRESS-MANICURE. What is hidden under this name and whether you can trust this procedure? The answers to these questions are not so unambiguous. Try to understand-and find a solution.

For starters, what is hiding under the term of the EXPRESS-MANICURE. This procedure takes a little time, which includes cuticle treatment, form alignment of the nail plate, massage of hands and, on request, lacquered.

But... And here comes the second question. And why the need for a manicure?

European manicure ( Express manicure ) perfectly fits all, it is especially recommended to those people who have very subtle and tender skin, or close to blood vessels . People with nature thick cuticle, will have to be patience, because then European manicure will show itself in all its glory and deliver to the holders a great joy for терпениеГлавная difference between the European manicure and other varieties of manicure is that the cuticle is not subjected to mutilation, and gently moves orange wand. No one will dispute that today this is the most secure type of manicure, the most painless and most suitable to avoid an infection.

European manicureThe security of the European manicure is explained by the fact that this procedure involves cutting the cuticle. And cuticle serves to protect the root of the nail infections. In comparison with the classical cut technique manicure there are pros евроманикюра - safety, there are no cracks and swelling of the cuticle, no infection, no deep traumas nail from the effects of tools, absence of pain and bleeding, as they are not used cutting tools. The second main advantage is saving time. Therefore, the European manicure, called Express-manicure. Its to make faster than any other procedure. Plus a third - slowdown cuticle, if you will care for your hands be carried out systematically, and hands will look softer and younger.

Cons European manicure arise in people with a thick cuticle. They have to have a lot of patience, because the first time a thick cuticle not removed by the European manicure, but go at it all possible. And after not have to cut the cuticle clippers, but have to regularly maintain the order of their hands.

European manicure-1Saving time on the care of the hands happens after You have switched to European manicure or so-called Express-manicure.  Express manicure like many women are busy and children and little time to myself. Very popular express manicure among men who are suffering and gleam of blood in case of a cut.  Short-term procedures ( 20 minutes ) and a low price - such a feature should attract many people limited in time, they can be systematically given to give the hands of a well-groomed appearance.

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