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Nail art

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nail-art ŗiga Irena Hazanova

Every girl and woman wants to be unique and unique. That is why women are constantly looking for those substances and objects that can emphasize your individuality: a suitable hairstyle, cosmetics and make-up, the fine clothes, and original accessories. And even when You think that appearance corresponds to the inner world, feeling thirsty constant changes You can not leave. Seems You have found your perfect image, attention to detail, and deviate from it like... But always be the same somehow boring, even perfect.

NAIL DESIGN is a great chance to make a slight change in appearance, not to spoil the overall image. He will Express Your individual qualities, but also enhance the mood. Using nail design You will be able to make their image notes of romantic, severity, joy or darkness is all at the request of the soul.


NAIL DESIGN has a second name, NAIL ART, NAIL ART ). It is the second name is the sense of this skill. Nail art is literally translated as «the art of decorating nails».

Nail design can be done on our own natural, nails and invoices.

To nail design belong to classical and innovative methods of artistic design of nails.

nail art Painted nails - an indispensable attribute of modern luxury with traditional manicure. Painting nails can act as a principal type of nail design in normal creating pictures on the nails lacquers and paints. Painting nails may be supplemented by the elements of the internal design of nails: sequins, feathers, ribbons, threads, sequins, lace, labels etc.

Painting nails can be implemented as separate elements - decoration portion of the nail pattern: butterfly bow, flower, etc. And nail can be completely covered with painting. But not worth all the nails decorate holistic paintings, enough to paint one or two of the nail. Usually decorate the picture or unnamed middle finger.

If you want to decorate your nails small drawings, it is not necessary that all drawings were the same. High demand painting nails on the same topic, but with different patterns.

nail art lak pitonVery popular now graffiti varnish or lacquer-Python. Lac Python will give craquelure effect-of cracks that appear at drying of the varnish. First is applied to the nails base varnish, lacquer, the color of which will make its way through the cracks. The thinner the layer, the brighter expressed cracks, and Vice versa. Completing the procedure of application of the lacquer-fixer.

However, nail design serves not only the purpose of decoration, but also able to correct their deficiencies. For example, French manicure visually shortens nails, manicure with a vertical pattern lengthens.

The pictures on the nails are produced by professional brushes, chopsticks and needles. And the colors used on the water, water-acrylic or lacquer basis.

By and large, to nail design refers to any artistic design of nails, whether it is simply a professional Polish one color or unusual nail art with luxurious paintings and trendy delights. Is a way of turning Your hand into a work of art, a means and a way to attract attention of the opposite sex, and call a jealous sight of the female. So smite the surrounding beauty and originality of Your nail art and make an extra drop of creativity in his appearance! Offering services to its customers, we reserve the reasonable pricing. And constantly offer shares for our services, which we publish on our website in the section of the Promotion  and on the page of our salon in Facebook.  In detail to familiarize with the prices You can see the price-list.

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