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Apparatus pedicure

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Apparatus pedicure Apparatus pedicure

Whether You prefer to walk barefoot on the warm sandy beach or wear in the summertime open shoes, it is very important to worry about beauty and health of Your feet. Nails and skin on the feet deserve special attention, because it is on its feet under the most serious daily load, which leaves them unpleasant and visual impacts. Problems with feet can cause serious pain.

So why do we sometimes totally don't pay your attention on the us leg of this debilitating pain, put up with the awkward gait? Because the problem can and should be solved! For this in modern cosmetology has everything you need. Get rid of keratinized skin, corns, calluses, cracks, solve the problem of ingrown nails, and get a neat and well-groomed feet, keeps pedicure.

Apparatus pedicure PEDICURE is the most accurate, safe and pleasant procedure pedicure for the health of Your feet. Pedicure is performed using a special machine with a lot of different diameter nozzles. Nozzle perform various functions, and the spacecraft rotates them with a different speed, which regulates the master pedicure.

Methods of apparatus pedicure known in Europe for more than 40 years and first appeared in Germany in the late 60-ies. In the late 60s, the developers of the first phone have decided to put in a pedicure achievements of dental equipment. The idea proved to be successful. Originally pedicure existed as a cosmetic procedure for the removal of corns, calluses and other hardening of the skin of the foot. Later, having evaluated all the advantages of this method, pedicure suggested to use for aesthetic care for manicure and pedicure. This method pedicure became a major in Europe.

Pedicure is significantly different from the classical types of pedicure, more of our usual.

Consider the advantages of a hardware pedicure:

  • In contrast to the classical pedicure, pedicure is carried out without preliminary mixing of the feet, for this purpose, special creams for coarse skin. They have a disinfectant properties and are valid only for dead Horny cells without affecting living tissue. This eliminates the possibility of the spread of fungal diseases.
  • The second advantage of the pedicure is its safety, as the skin is not cut.
  • During grinding the skin of the foot happens acupressure massage of reflex zones, as a result of stimulation which increases overall body.
  • The procedure of apparatus pedicure is accurate processing of the dead sites through the grinding heads of different diameters for the surface of the nail and skin treatment, selected individually. Grinding caps small diameter allow the jewelry work - handle the way places toes and fingertips.
  • Pedicure allows more accurate and painless process calluses, corns and cracks. Chronic corn is drilled with a special Burr, live skin around the root corn is not injured. In the opening applied to a special mozolnaya tincture, which dissolves the remains of the drilled root. If the pedicure is performed carefully to process the edges of the crack at the heel, without pain and wounds. The re-emergence of cracks happens in the future, much less.
  • Pedicure also helps to restore the nail plate, to deal with pimples and irregularities rectify the ingrown nail. Cuticle same is not deleted, but подравнивается one of the smallest accessories.
  •  This type of pedicure is the only possibility for people with very high sensitivity and dry skin, as well as having diabetes.

Apparatus pedicure As pedicure is very sparing procedure, running feet he / she can not cope. But after a few sessions to achieve the desired effect, to slow the growth of the epidermis.

Pedicure can often be an integral part of and classic pedicure, and Express pedicure and Spa pedicure. After the procedure you can apply a mask, massage and paraffin on request. This procedure will help You not only get the attractive and cute little feet, but takes a lot of fun, return legs former ease. The absence of a consistent heavy and tired legs will allow You again to wear your favorite shoes on heels.

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