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Classic pedicure

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CLASSIC PEDICURE was at the origin of this procedure, as it began to develop professional care for your feet. The classic method provides the trim method of treatment of nails and skin on the feet, as most work is done with the help of cutting tools. Modern pedicure is a professional therapeutic procedure, ensuring the beauty and health of Your feet.

Because the legs have greater load than the hands, then they require much more attention, especially long time they are in the shoes. Given the trends of fashion to open shoes in summer, don't show others the raw nails, rough, and sometimes and chapped skin heels. Now it is understood by men, poised this procedure in your schedule to systematically care of itself.

Classic pedicure

Classic pedicure - one of the most popular salon procedures take care of the nails and feet. Despite the seeming simplicity of the alignment of the nail plate and remove the cuticle, stop processing, it is better to entrust their legs professional, especially if the feet are severely neglected. Pedicure conducted regularly, not only prevents the emergence of new problems with nails and skin of the feet, but also allows to get rid of the existing.

Classic pedicure consists of the following stages:

  1. Nail VARNISH REMOVAL using a special liquid. Masters prefer soft and sparing» liquids Polish remover that does not dry up the nail plate.
  2. SHAPING THE NAILS. Cut your nails or cutting pliers, or scissors. Trim the nails should be even cut, not rounding the corners of the nail to отрастающий nail is not врастал in the skin, and then saw through sew to the edge of the nail was smoother. You should not cut nails too short.
  3. РАЗМАЧИВАНИЕ skin of feet in a bath with sea salt and oils.
  4.  CUTICLE AND STOP PROCESSING. Cuticle is removed-cut method with the help of tweezers. To stop use a scrub rubbing it into the skin. Depending on the degree of coarsening of the skin and the availability of corns are used pedicure machine with one blade and grinding blades.
  5. MASSAGE. Application of nourishing cream for foot and rubbing his light massaging movements. The cream nourishes and refreshes the skin and massage improves blood circulation.

Classic pedicure has a negative side:

  • The probability of cuts, therefore, a possibility of entry of any infection.
  • Steamed skin cut all, and this is fueling rapid growth.
  • Removing ingrown area nail the problem only temporarily.
  •  But also a positive side, has a classic pedicure:
  • Versatility is suitable for both women and men.
  • The only possibility of processing of running feet.
  • A hygienic procedure, favorably affects on health of the feet.

Duration of classical pedicure takes one to two hours, depending on the holding of the number of stages, as at constant visiting pedicure you can ignore some stages of the procedure and limited only to the treatment of nails, treat yourself to a relaxing bath and massage.

The frequency of pedicure depends on the features of the skin of Your feet, but it is advisable to do all the same once a month. It is very important to classic pedicure carried out a professional master with experience. This method can be extremely traumatic and painful, if the wizard pedicure not have a sufficient experience, neglects the disinfection of instruments.

Today the classic pedicure leading by the number of its use in salons. In everyday use, pedicure You not only watch the beauty and accuracy of their feet, but doing them well. Have a beautiful and well-groomed feet want representatives of the fair sex, and representatives of the stronger sex. Interesting is the fact that foot care today has become popular for both men and pedicure was considered to be good manners.

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