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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 15:32

Express pedicure

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Female legs with unkempt nails and heels - it's bad. Procedure pedicure , or ennobling toenails, has long become one of the most essential for modern women. In the warmer months legs require complex care. And pedicure is not only the fulfillment of design on the nails for toes, but also the whole complex of procedures, which include cleaning stop removing corns, dead epidermis layer, foot massage. Pedicure conducted regularly, not only prevents the emergence of new problems with nails and skin of the feet, but also allows to get rid of the existing.

European pedicure

The most popular types of pedicure currently are classic and European. Professionals advise to approach seriously to a choice between classic and European pedicure, taking into account factors such as the degree of regularity of the conduct of a pedicure, a thickness of a nail, the susceptibility of the skin and many others. Procedure pedicure is the removal of corns, prevention of deformation and nail fungal infections and, of course, aesthetic service.

European pedicure - the safest and most gentle of all types of pedicure, because it does not use any sharp tools. Therefore, the probability of getting micro injured during the treatment of nails and stop this way is reduced to zero.

European pedicure also called EXPRESS PEDICURE, because require less time than for other types of pedicure. It is only suitable for regular use, as well as for people with very sensitive and dry skin.
PEDICURE consists of the following stages:

  2. РАЗМАЧИВАНИЕ stop in the bath with addition of sea salt or oil.
  3. TREATMENT OF NAILS. The cuticle is covered with a special propels the tool, and then you can freely move the wooden stick. Feature of the Express pedicure is the use of specialized пилочек for grinding the nail plate and okolonogteva fabrics.
  4. PROCESSING STOP. On foot applied soft scrub for the legs, rubbing of the skin, and then begins a full stop processing by means of grinding blades.
  5.  APPLICATION of CREAM on the skin of the feet and MASSAGE, which improve blood circulation, and accordingly, and the supply of nutrients to the nail plate.
  6. NAIL Polish or remedy by the client.

The disadvantages Express pedicure can be attributed to the fact that he is on his feet, not having problems, that is not running. Need continuous support of the obtained result. Stable positive result is achieved after conducting 5-7 sessions, therefore, in the first stages of transition to a pedicure it is recommended to combine it with the classic trim Spa pedicure.

Pluses Express pedicure is that it is not damaged cuticle on the nails, and with the regular procedure - it is flexible, thinner, slowed its growth. The second plus is a safe pedicure due to non-use of cutting tools. A third advantage is the speed of the procedure.

Pedicure in the summer recommend to perform preferably twice a month, because frequent wearing beach shoes or barefoot lead to огрубению skin. In winter legs protected warm clothing and footwear, so the number of visits pedicure Cabinet can be reduced.

Permanent clients that use care feet pedicure, and a way of relaxation. However, we have to reckon with the fact that in the minds of some people used to believe that the pedicure is a purely women's fun to decorate nails. But at least once, looking into the beauty and with their legs Express pedicure, customers begin to understand that this procedure is a symbol of respect to his body and a subject of pride.

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