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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 09:32

Shellac pedicure

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Shellac pedicure Shellac pedicure

Say goodbye to the damaged pedicure!

All products from CND, created on the basis of scientific technology, is the first in the list of favorites from the masters of manicure and pedicure all over the world. Also new product hybrid lacquer SHELLAC joined the list of favorites. SHELLAC is the first varnish-hybrid in the nail industry, the quality of which is confirmed in scientific, and in the result of the test.


Shellac pedicureSHELLAC is the latest technology of UV, which combines simplicity of application, like a normal air, and resistance gel. For the first time in the history of the nail industry has such a lacquer, which does not splinter, and lasts for a long time. SHELLAC does not cause allergies and has the status of “3 free”, which means the absence in the varnish formaldehyde, toluene and дебутила фтолата. SHELLAC is processed under UV lamp that provides instant drying of varnish. Ergonomic lamp saves time as provides for simultaneous processing of nails all five fingers of the hands or feet. Lamp with automatic control of drying time of the varnish. SHELLAC look very natural - thin elastic layer which protects the nail plate. SHELLAC easily and safely removed, just 10 minutes. SHELLAC is not necessary to cut, simply wrap nail swab soaked in special lotion, containing acetone.

System varnish-hybrid SHELLAC includes a base coat, color nail and fixer varnish. This technique with a UV lamp provides a flawless complexion and permanent Shine within two to three weeks and easy removal of lacquer for 10 minutes.

Procedure varnish hybrid SHELLAC:

  • After the client has chosen color varnish, is a classic pedicure or express pedicure.
  • After completion pedicure need to degrease nails.
  • Apply only one base coat (SHELLAC UV Base Coat). Processed under the lamp.
  • Apply two layers of color nail Polish (SHELLAC UV Coat Color). Each layer is processed under the lamp.
  • Apply just one layer fixer varnish (SHELLAC UV Top Coat), giving luster that persists for several weeks. Processed under the lamp.
  • Removed sticky layer cotton swab soaked in 99% isopropyl alcohol.

The result is a magnificent, pedicure, which preserves its original Shine and a perfect view of the nails in a few weeks!

The procedure for removing the varnish-hybrid SHELLAC:Shellac pedicure

  • Soaked swabs liquid containing acetone.
  • Superimposed on nails soaked swabs and turn around.
  • Leave for 10-15 minutes.
  • Removed swab and gently from nails orange stick is removed soaked lacquer.

SHELLAC is a unique lacquer new generation, which does not injure the nail plate, as it does not require опиливание before applying, is applied on the nails, like Polish, but for a long time keeps the original gloss and appearance. SHELLAC not splinter, does not exfoliate from the nail, its surface does not appear scratches. SHELLAC is processed under a UV lamp, so no need to wait until dry lacquer. Safely wear the shoes and go out of the salon in its Affairs. Waking up every morning, You can enjoy the unusually bright pedicure gloss. And no irritation from the traces отпечатавшегося underwear! No need to repaint the blurred varnish! Say goodbye to the damaged pedicure and greet impeccable pedicure with nail varnish SHELLAC!

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