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One of the most common methods of controlling undesirable vegetation on the body is waxing. Waxing for many centuries, this method was known Nefertiti, therefore, the effectiveness of this procedure is not necessary to doubt. Of course, during its long history, waxing changed. Ваксингом called depilation wax.

What is it? Waxing waxing - a kind of epilation, which creamy wax with the help shpatelja or roller applied on cultivated areas of the body and after hardening is removed by special paper strips. The length of the hairs should reach at least 5 mm, otherwise the desired effect will not be. In the structure of wax include extracts of medicinal herbs and oils that can relieve the irritation and prevent ingrown hairs in the skin.

Also waxing is divided into several types:

  1. Waxing that occurs with the use of strips with wax, is called a cold wax depilation. Strips with wax got in specialized cosmetic stores. Their heated in the palms, removing the top paper layer, paste on the skin. When the wax well, stick to the skin, tear strips together with the scalp. Here it is important to note that during the cold wax depilation sticker need to shoot against the hair growth. Remove the hair депиляционными strips more painful than to carry out the same procedure hot or warm wax. The effect of this method of short hairs start to grow after a couple of weeks.
  2. Depilation warm wax can also be carried out at home, only for this it is necessary to get not only wax but also a special device for its heating. Sold wax in special roller tape together with cars, in which the wax is heated to 40 degrees. After heating the wax evenly applied on the skin and removed when it is well hardens. Use hair removal by hot wax should be only on large areas of the body. After the procedure the skin remains smooth for about a month.
  3. Hot waxing considered the most effective. Standard set of equipment for hot wax hair removal is from the heater, wax and special paper strips. Wax is heated, is applied to the area of the body and is overlapped by a strip of paper. Wax quickly seizes, «замуровывая» hairs, and one jerk to tear off strip against the direction of hair growth. The effect of this procedure lasts from half to two months.

Waxing In addition to direct hair removal, wax effectively cleans the skin from dead cells. And the use of aromatic wax partially compensates for the pain and discomfort. In General, waxing is a sustainable and universal procedure with a high level of security.

 There are waxes with different compositions for different skin types and specifics of the application. For example, азуленовый wax ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, it has anti-inflammatory, soothing and softening effect. Wax with seaweed extract is ideal for depilation, coarse hair, gently nourishes the skin, keeping it firm and silky. Wax with an extract of olive suitable for depilation thin hair and the hair of medium hardness, has a light gel texture, it moisturizes the skin with olive oil. Mother-of-pearl wax particles микромики is designed for thin hair and hair of medium density, growing on sensitive skin. Lemon wax peculiar antiseptic, healing and cleansing properties. This wax cleanses and refreshes the skin, slowing the formation of age spots and wrinkles, reduces pain.

Many women say that after ваксинга hair grow slower, have become a little thinner and weaker. But waxing - not a panacea: it is good as a temporary means against unwanted hair growth, but for prospective and long-term effect is better to turn to a more «powerful» means: photo-, laser or IPL hair removal.

When the procedure wax hair removal is completed, it is important to remove any traces of wax from the skin. There are special oils and emulsions, they moisturize the skin, have an antiseptic effect, relieves irritation, skin softness and elasticity. Otherwise, if the wax is not removed completely, wax be blocked in pores and hair is, when will grow up to change the angle, so as not to be able to grow into the wax tubes. For this, too, there are different lotions and foam against ingrown hairs, that contain salicylic acid, removes skin irritation. Not recommended to apply such funds to those of the skin is sensitive to salicylic acid, dehydrated skin and immediately after depilation. You cannot use the following procedure, waxing disinfecting agents containing alcohol.

Before the procedure waxing should put the skin in the proper form. This means that waxing can be done, if the length of the hairs reached 5-7 mm Before the procedure, the skin should be treated with special gel, which disinfects and cools the skin, prepares the hair for hair removal, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. The application of the gel promotes hydration hair, gives the hair elasticity and flexibility. Hair can be easily removed, do not break, that is a very important factor against ingrown hairs.

So, what should you know before waxing:

  • Two days before waxing undesirable sunbathing in the Solarium.
  • Two days before waxing recommended to make peeling of the skin.
  • Before ваксацией undesirable rubbing skin sponge, taking a shower.
  •  Before ваксацией not take this medication strong.
  • Before ваксацией desirable to use deodorants, lotions, creams.
  • If compromised the integrity of the skin, it has the wounds, bruises, herpes, eczema, ваксацию should not be carried out.
  •  People suffering from chronic heart failure, vascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes who have impaired blood clotting, have varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, waxing them is contraindicated.
  •  If the client is observed excessive vegetation hairline, you first consultation of endocrinologist, as waxing can not solve the problem of excessive hair.
  • If the woman is in the early stages of pregnancy, waxing her contraindicated. To carry out the procedure can be only in the last months of pregnancy, sure to be consulted with your doctor.

 What is important to know after conducting waxing:

  • Within two days after waxing undesirable sunbathe in the Solarium.
  • Within two days after waxing not recommended peeling of skin wash with a washcloth.
  • Within two days after waxing limit abundant water treatments, especially on the first day immediately after waxing.
  • After waxing within 10 days, it is recommended to moisten the skin cream.

Waxing helps to remove hair from various parts of the body, while making the skin smooth. But in order to enjoy smooth skin without the unwanted hair, you will need to compress the teeth and suffer. Waxing - the way is not for those who are afraid of pain. But the beauty demands victims... But if you can put up with the pain of the procedure, then you are welcome to our salon “IRENA”.

Offering services to its customers, we reserve the reasonable pricing. And constantly offer shares for our services, which we publish on our website in the section of the Promotion and on the page of our salon in Facebook. In detail to familiarize with the prices You can see the price-list.

And get more information about our services and to sign up to the necessary masters You can phone in Riga in the Contacts section.

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