Classic manicure

Classic manicure

Classic manicure is a time-tested method of care for the beauty of hands and nails and the most common.

The techniques of this type of manicure and their ratio have been developed over the years and brought to perfection, so modern masters offer the classic method, guaranteeing its high performance.

Most women cannot imagine their existence without a manicure. This is not surprising, because only this procedure, which should be carried out regularly, can provide beauty and health to hands and nails. If the hands are very neglected, then the classic manicure is the only type of manicure, an acceptable method by which you will put your hands in order.

Classic edged manicure includes:

  1. INSPECTION OF THE NAILS AND HANDS by the master, who determines how healthy they are. Important attention is paid to the presence or absence of skin diseases and injuries.
  2. REMOVING NAIL POLISH with vitaminized liquid without acetone. All modern products, as a rule, contain vitamins, oil and perfume composition. Such liquids are great for brittle and overdried nails, as well as for artificial nails.
  3. SHAPING THE NAILS. The shape of the nails is chosen according to the shape and length of the fingers, taste and appearance. Nippers are used to shorten nails, and special nail files are used to shape them. Only dry nails need to be filed, wet nails are the most vulnerable and may begin to exfoliate.
  4. APPLICATION OF NUTRITIONAL OIL ON THE CUTICLE, which is rubbed into the cuticle and into the skin around the nail with light massage movements.
  5. SOAKING is done in warm water with a special solution (liquid soap, sea salt, aroma oil), which should soften the cuticle, preparing it for removal.
  6. APPLICATION OF SPECIAL SOFTENER ON THE CUTICLE after soaking. The cuticle is pushed back with a special spatula or an orange stick, starting with the little finger of the left hand, since the right hand is more working and, therefore, rougher, so the manicure starts from the left hand.
  7. REMOVAL OF CUTICLE AND BURS. This requires nail clippers. When cutting the cuticle, it is important that the cut has a smooth line, not a torn one. You can not cut the cuticle deeply, even if the nails are very overgrown. When cutting burrs, the tweezers should not be parallel to the skin, but almost perpendicular. Small cuts and wounds must be treated with a disinfectant.
  8. Then a light HAND MASSAGE with a special cream is performed.
  9. NAIL POLISHING. Apply a base coat, then two coats of colored polish and a fixer or top coat..

К сожалению, классический маникюр имеет и отрицательные стороны:

  1. When it is carried out, the possibility of injury to the cuticle and the likelihood of any infection.
  2. The likelihood of rapid formation of burrs after the procedure due to the lack of experience of the master.

Но также и важными преимуществами обладает классический маникюр, которыми являются:

  1. Versatile, suitable for both women and men.
  2. The only possibility of processing neglected hands and nails.
  3. A hygienic procedure that favorably affects the health of the hands.
  4. Doesn’t take long.

Classic (cut) manicure is very useful to use as an ‘ambulance’ for your favorite nails in any condition. But if you constantly look after, love and carefully monitor the condition of your nails, then it is better for you to try softer types of manicure.

A visit to a manicure parlor is a visit to a country where every woman returns delightful with a feeling of lightness, freshness and cleanliness.

Offering services to our customers, we maintain a reasonable pricing policy.

And you can get additional information about our services and make an appointment with the necessary masters by calling the numbers in Riga indicated in the Contacts section.

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Classic manicure

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Classic manicure
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