A beautiful hairstyle, well-groomed hair, the right color is the key to the success of every person in society. It is the hairstyle along with the appearance that creates the initial opinion about each person. That is why you need to pay enough attention to your hair.

A well-groomed, tidy appearance has always been and will be sought after by both the weak and the strong half of humanity. Hairstyles - a constant essential attribute of external beauty. In recent years, hairdressing services provided by salons and beauty studios have become very popular. After all, the art of putting oneself in order and maintaining beauty has always been held in high esteem.

Hair incredibly effectively emphasize femininity and seduction. Lively and shiny curls are the ideal that every woman strives for, and for men - a perfectly made haircut. That is why, in order to obtain an effective result, it is necessary to regularly seek professional care and generously use all hairdressing services.

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Screening treatment

Screening treatment

Screening treatment Screening treatment is a hair care procedure that is aimed specifically at additional nutrition and reliable protection of the hair from external influences. Salon […]
female hair styling

Hair Styling

Hair Styling Beautiful hair styling is part of an attractive appearance, because most women and girls spend a lot of time creating it. Today, every beauty […]

Lamination of hair

Lamination of hair Lamination – popular today service that provides our beauty salons “IRENA” in Riga. Surely you have noticed that the stars of television, girls, […]
evening hairstyle

Evening hairstyle

«Причёска влияет на то, как складывается день, а в итоге – и вся жизнь.» Софи Лорен. Женская причёска – это один из способов выражения индивидуальных особенностей […]

Hairdressing services

Hairdressing servicesToday, the term “hairdressing services” includes a large number of components. This haircut and hair styling, highlighting and coloring, applying masks and healing balm to the hair and scalp, complex styling and the creation of a variety of evening hairstyles. And, of course, hairdressing services include professional advice on scalp and hair care.

Hairdressing services are, first of all, a variety of types of haircuts – women, men and children. To use hairdressing services means changing your appearance, cheering up and even changing something in your life. The client looks at the result of the haircut from two positions: the first – it suits me, the second – it fits easily. A professional master will always preliminarily discuss with the client the residual result, the final length, and will tell you in detail how to style a new hairstyle.

MALE HAIRCUTS. Cutting a man is not any easier, but harder than cutting a woman. Men’s haircuts are technologically more complicated. Only a professional can make a short men’s haircut so that it is beautiful and “hair lay to the hair”, to emphasize individuality and become a man.

Also now, beard and mustache decoration is very popular with a strong half of humanity. This is in addition to the haircut and the image as a whole. Using the correct edging, you can adjust the shape of the face, nose and lips. A beautifully designed three-day stubble emphasizes and changes the style.

WOMEN’S HAIRCUTS. Many magazines on modern hairdressing are devoted to the skill of women’s haircuts, but helping to reveal your particular beauty, emphasize the dignity of your face and hide imperfections, choosing the right haircut and hair color is not an easy task. But this task can be dealt with. After all, beautiful well-groomed hair is half your success. Healthy hair has a noble color, and the health of the hair after dyeing depends on the professionalism of the master. Our masters of the IRENA salon will do everything for your beauty to emphasize individuality, find your image and look luxurious.

HAIRDRESSES FOR BOYS. The upbringing of a real man begins in childhood. Bring your sons! Little men – boys and teens – are our favorite guests. Make a fashionable haircut, style your hair nicely – all this is possible in the salon “IRENA”.

GIRLS FOR GIRLS. And haircuts for young ladies are a special type of hairdressing. Many mothers are very worried that their daughter wants to cut their braids. But children are growing up. And they want variety. And it is psychologically important for both the child and the parents so that the first haircut is done successfully and nicely. But why only the first haircut? Our masters are very attentive to young clients, we are waiting in our salon for young ladies again and again.

HAIR STYLING. Any haircut needs to be given the necessary shape – hair styling. Hair styling is a service that almost every woman resorts to. Our salon offers hair styling of any complexity: everyday, holiday, evening and wedding. Hair styling includes not only fixing and shaping the hair, but also the procedures for hair care and hair roots.

For hair styling, the most effective and persistent fixation agents are used: varnishes, foams, mousses, fixatives, lotions, gels, waxes. Stylized hair is always beautiful and spectacular. You can do hair styling at home, but it will not look professional. But the hairdresser will make you styling so that you will be irresistible. Hair styling is the best way to emphasize the shape of the face and your personality, or even change it, express your mood and accents. Attractive hairstyle testifies to your style and ability to feel modern trends in fashion.

Evening hairstyles. Every girl or woman, regardless of her age, wants to be beautiful and charming, and even more so at a festive celebration, banquet, etc., where the etiquette is required to wear an evening dress. Choosing an outfit for the holiday, a woman begins to look for a master who would do an evening hairstyle. Visit us! Our hairdressers at the IRENA salon will always listen to your wishes, advise and select the most suitable evening hairstyle for a specific look.

Hairdressing services for HAIR DYEING deserve special attention. Self-coloring can lead to unexpected results, up to a greenish shade of hair. Coloring, highlighting, tinting, tinting of hair after highlighting, gray hair coloring, lightening – all these types of coloring require special training and knowledge that our IRENA salon masters possess. At the request of customers, natural dyes can be used for painting: henna and basma.

For women who want to create light curls or perky curls on their heads, a hairdressing service such as CHEMICAL WAVES or BIO WAVES is suitable. Owners of thin hair masters can offer to perform basal volume.

We offer several types of SPA procedures for hair care: lamination, shielding, thermokeratin, BEAUTEX against fluffy hair, LIS AGE – hair straightening based on glyukolic acid.

Excellent innovative hairdressing service – HAIR LAMINATION. During lamination, each hair is covered with a special film, enveloping and sealing it, thus protecting it from external influences. The film contains beneficial substances that nourish the hair. In addition, lamination gives the hair a stable volume in any weather and a healthy shine.

The THERMOKERATIN procedure effectively saturates the hair with keratin and compensates for its deficiency. On the outer surface of the hair, keratin molecules repair the damaged cuticle, due to which the hair scales are smoothed and the hair becomes more even in texture, acquiring a radiant shine and a healthy appearance.

HAIR SCREENING Q3 THERAPY and Q3 BLOND is an innovative hair treatment procedure that results in a protective shield on the hair. When shielded, nutrients penetrate deep into the structure of the hair and restore it from the inside, saturate the hair with a vitamin – nutritional complex.

Well-groomed and beautiful hair has always been a natural adornment of any woman and any man. By choosing the right color, haircut and styling, the master can create the perfect look that will be beneficial to emphasize facial features and hide flaws. You can look for your master for a long time (how to choose a hairdresser), referring to various hairdressers, and each time leave them with a feeling of slight disappointment. Salon “IRENA”, providing hairdressing services, offers you a solution to this problem. The professionalism and attentiveness of our masters, pleasant friendly atmosphere and interest in the wishes of customers will turn your visit to the hairdresser into a real pleasure. After the first visit, you will become our regular customer. Our team ensures that you leave the salon, fully satisfied with the result!

Offering services to our customers, we maintain a reasonable pricing policy. For children and senior citizens there are discounts on basic services.

And you can get additional information about our services and sign up for the necessary masters by calling in Riga indicated in the Contacts section.