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Lamination – popular today service that provides our beauty salons “IRENA” in Riga. Surely you have noticed that the stars of television, girls, advertising hair products have elegant, healthy, manageable hair. In most cases it is not the natural beauty hair actresses, this is the results of lamination.

iNeo-Crystal lamination is an advanced innovative SPA procedure for hair repair and care treatment building a special natural membrane on hair surface. After this procedure the hair will acquire visible volume, silkiness, elasticity and glamorous shine.

This lamination kit is for professional use only.

Lamination treatment kit contains:

  • ESTEL iNeo-Crystal hair pre-lamination shampoo
  • ESTEL iNeo-Crystal 3D-gel for strongly damaged hair or 3D-gel for healthy or slightly damaged hair
  • ESTEL iNeo-Crystal 2-phase hair fixation lotion
  • ESTEL iNeo-Crystal hair polish serum.

Treatment description:

Stage 1. The hair needs to be pre-treated. For pre-treatment use ESTEL iNeo-Crystal hair pre-lamination shampoo for deep cleansing of the hair from impurities, styling products and silicon excesses and facilitates better penetration of laminating agent inside hair structure.

Stage 2. After shampooing hair cuticle is prepared lamination. Apply ESTEL iNeo-Crystal hair 3D-gel for strongly damaged hair. It fills damaged hair segments with special polymer which in the process of heat treatment tightly interlocks with hair structure forming a thin, transparent and airtight membrane. At the same time the gel nourishes, restores and improves hair structure. The hair acquires silkiness, elasticity, volume and glamorous shine.
In case of hair with healthy structure or slightly damaged hair, it is recommended to use at this stage ESTEL iNeo-Crystal 3D-gel for healthy and slightly damaged hair. 3D-gel strengthens and makes a hair surface even, gives additional volume and smoothness, strengthens shine. Hairs become flexible and manageable, support styling properly. The generated microfilm blocks an exit of useful substances, proteins and moisture from hair structure, protects hair from mechanical damages and harmful influence of environment.

Stage 3. After 3D-gel application use iNeo-Crystal 2-phase fixation lotion to fix on the hair the micro-membrane formed at the previous stage and increase its density, strength, elasticity and gloss. Due to Aqua Total component with natural chitosan, the lotion fills hair texture with keratin complex and provides moisturizing. One phase of this fixation lotion provides moisturizing effect, and the other phase – keratin nourishment and micro-membrane fixation.

Stage 4. After 2-phase fixation lotion application you may proceed to styling. If the client”s hair was severely damaged prior to treatment, use ESTEL iNeo-Crystal polish serum which smoothens hair structure from to tips, seals hair tips and prevent hair tip splitting. ESTEL iNeo-Crystal polish serum restores hair gloss and healthy look without adding extra weight. The serum may be applied both on wet and dried hair as a finishing agent for emphasizing healthy hair structure.

For long-lasting lamination effect special home hair care products are recommended: OTIUM iNeo-Crystal shampoo for laminated hair and OTIUM iNeo-Crystal Balzam for laminated hair.

Recommendations for use:

1. Lamination treatment is recommended for:

  • – Thin, insufficient volume, porous, delicate and bleached hair;
  • – For hair damaged as a result of frequent coloring and high temperature (electric hair dryers, irons, curlers);
  • – Split and fragile hair;
  • – Very dry and dull hair;
  • – Hair after with curling/straightening perm treatment;
  • – Maintaining hair color after coloring treatment.

2. Lamination treatment shall be performed by certified professional hair stylist.

3. Lamination may be used for dyed hair (either immediately after dyeing or between dyeing sessions) as well as on naturally pigmented hair.

4. Duration of one lamination procedure is about 45-60 minutes.

5. If application procedure is followed correctly, the result will last from 5-7 weeks depending on the condition of the hair.

6. Recommended lamination treatment frequency – once a month.

This products for professional hairstyling use only. The product may cause allergic reaction. Do not use the product on very sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp. In the event of skin diseases consult dermatologist. In the event of red skin, itching or rash, rinse off thoroughly with warm water and do not continue the treatment procedure. In the event of sensitivity problems, consult your doctor.

Hair lamination is a unique opportunity to improve your hair, get rid of breakage and split ends. Lamination can be performed on hair of any length. After an hour long procedure you will see yourself in a whole new form.

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Lamination of hair

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Lamination of hair
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