Classic pedicure

Classic pedicureThe CLASSIC PEDICURE was at the origin of this procedure, since it was from it that professional foot care began to develop. The classic method involves trimming the nails and skin on the feet, since most of the work is done with cutting tools. A modern pedicure is a professional therapeutic procedure that ensures the beauty and health of your feet.

Since the legs are under more stress than the hands, they need much more attention, the more they are in shoes for a long time. Also, given the fashion trends for open shoes in the summer, it is unacceptable to show others untreated nails, rough, and sometimes cracked skin of the heels. Now men understand this too, adding this procedure to their schedule for systematic self-care.

Classic pedicure is one of the most sought-after salon treatments for nails and feet. Despite the seeming simplicity of aligning the nail plate and removing the cuticle, processing the feet, it is better to entrust your legs to a professional, especially if the legs are in a very neglected state. Pedicure, carried out regularly, not only prevents the appearance of new problems with the nails and skin of the feet, but also allows you to get rid of existing ones.

Classic pedicure consists of the following steps:

  1. REMOVING nail polish with a special liquid. Masters prefer soft and “gentle” nail polish removers that do not dry out the nail plate.
  2. SHAPING THE NAILS. Trim nails with either clippers or scissors. It is necessary to cut the nails with an even cut, without rounding the corners of the nails, so that the growing nail does not grow into the skin, and then file it with a nail file so that the edge of the nail is smoother. Don’t cut your nails too short.
  3. SOAKING the skin of the feet in a bath with sea salt or oils.
  4. CUTICLE REMOVAL AND FEET TREATMENT. The cuticle is removed by trimming with tweezers. For the feet, a scrub is used, rubbing it into the skin. Depending on the degree of skin roughness and the presence of corns, a pedicure machine with a disposable blade and grinding blades are used.
  5. MASSAGE. Applying a nourishing cream to the feet and rubbing it in with light massaging movements. The cream nourishes and refreshes the skin, and massage improves blood circulation.

Classic pedicure has negative sides:

  1. The likelihood of cuts, therefore, the possibility of introducing some kind of infection.
  2. Steamed skin is cut off completely, and this stimulates its rapid growth.
  3. Cutting out the ingrown corner of the nail, the problem is eliminated only for a while.

But also the classic pedicure has positive aspects:

  1. Versatile, suitable for both women and men.
  2. The only possibility of processing running legs.
  3. A hygienic procedure that favorably affects the health of the feet.

The duration of a classic pedicure takes from one to two hours, depending on the number of stages, since with a constant visit to a pedicure, you can neglect some stages of the procedure and limit yourself to nail treatment, treat yourself to a relaxing bath and massage.

The frequency of a pedicure depends on the characteristics of the skin of your feet, but it is advisable to do it all the same once a month.

It is very important that a classic pedicure is carried out by a professional, a master with experience. This method can be extremely traumatic and painful if the pedicure master does not have enough experience and neglects to disinfect the instruments.

To date, classic pedicure is the leader in terms of the number of its use in salons. With the constant use of a pedicure, you not only monitor the beauty and well-groomedness of your feet, but also make them healthy. Both the fair sex and the stronger sex want to have beautiful and well-groomed legs. An interesting fact is that foot care today has become popular among men, and pedicure has become considered a good form rule.

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Classic pedicure
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